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AMVR Dual Handles Gamepad Stand for Oculus Rift Controllers Playing Beat Saber Game ( Just Work for Oculus Rift CV1 Controllers)


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Product features

✓ Patent-pending Innovation: Designed specifically for playing the Beat Saber game, it makes the player more comfortable to experience the game.

✓ Easy Installation: First, insert the lanyard of the handle stand into the Rift controller slot, and then rotate the handle stand screw knob. When the screw knob is tightened, the handle is firmly fixed.Please note that after tightening the screw knob, the screw can no longer rotate sharply so as not to damage the rift touch controller.

✓ Protection Design: The contact part of the handle stand and the rift touch controller is protected by silicone strips. This design protects the rift touch controller from scratches.At the same time, the rift touch controller can be stabilized, so that the rift touch controller and the handle stand are tightly adhered together without loosening.

✓ Comfortable Design: The handle holder is made of sponge.It has the elastic to cushion the force generated when playing games and to make your hands more comfortable.At the same time, it has the function of absorbing sweat. When playing the game, it can absorb the sweat produced by the palm of the hand, so that the handle can be grasped more firmly.

✓ Please Note: This product just work for oculus rift cv1 controllers, not work for oculus rift s or quest controllers. The Oculus Rift touch controller NOT Included.The product is made by 3D printing.

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