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Handheld Bidet Toilet Sprayer Kit,SonTiy Hand Held Cloth Diaper Sprayer for Toilet Water Sprayer Bathroom Jet Spray Bidet Attachment for Personal Hygiene-Adjustable Pressure Control-Solid Brass

By SonTiy

  583 reviews

Product info:

• Part Number FA719050
• Model FA719050
• Color Polished Chrome
• Size 7.9"sprayer wand

Product features

►BIDET SPRAYER WITH BRASS VALVE CARTRIDGE- HIGH QUALITY toilet sprayer bidet set,both bathroom bidet sprayer head and T-valve are made of premium quality solid brass(Not tattered ABS plastic, or rusty stainless steel) ,equipped with safe brass valve which passes 500,000 times life cycle test to withstand high water pressure.SonTiy hand held bidet attachment,all metal body design and anti-leak construct is BUILT to LAST,which provide a leak free,splatter free,blasting free user experience.

►ERGONOMIC DESIGN BIDET SHOWER-Perfect clean spa bidet sprayer for high grade personal hygiene and perfect cloth diaper sprayer for baby.Upgrade 7.9” spray wand is long enough to use in front or behind easily,and provides the ultimate in comfort and control,much easily operate with single hand.Double explosion-proof stainless steel hose,effectively prevent hose bursting.And this shattaf bidet sprayer is a great gadget to save water and toilet paper, it also cut your household expenditure.

►EASY CONTROL & MULTI WATER PRESSURE MODES BATHROOM HOSE SPRAYER-This portable hand held bidet spray has multiple modes,perfect replacement of dual function sprayer.Humanized design,NO NEED TO HOLD DOWN TRIGGER like other spring valve sprayer.Simply switch the knob to the water pressure you need, then release the button and enjoy the rinse with SonTiy bidet for toilet .The high-quality and easy-to-operate toilet water sprayer makes your daily home cleaning effortless!

►BETTER PERSONAL HYGIENE MUSLIM SHOWER-By controlling the bidet water pressure,clean gently and without dead ends to enhance your personal hygiene and skin care with superior cleaning.This hand shower for toilet is perfect for a personal Hygiene cleaner.And adjustable water spray also make it ideal for bum gun,health bidet faucet sprayer for women or men,rv bidet toilet sprayer,cloth diaper cleaning,feminine hygiene,bathroom cleaning,rinsing,pet Washing,surgery recovery,etc.

►5 MINUTES NO-TOOLS INSTALL METAL BIDET ATTACHMENT-Includes brass T Adapter, hose & holder to form complete hand bidet kit for QUICK Installation.Handheld portable sprayer fits standard american toilet with 7/8 Connection and offers tank-mount or wall mount option. Easily attaches toilet sprayer set to toilet and you’ll feel fresher and cleaner in no time.ORDER NOW - and you’re protected by a 3 years replacement and 3 months quality problem asked refund guarantee.

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