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Filtered Ionic Shower Head,High Pressure Showerhead with 3 Setting and Water Saving, Stone Balls to Purify Chlorine, Stone Filter Beads Handheld Shower for Dry Hair & Skin SPA by imtfzct

By imtfzct

  213 reviews

Product info:

• Part Number B07TRJ8FF2
• Model B07TRJ8FF2
• Color Transparent
• Dimensions 3.15 x 9.45 x 3.15 Inches

Product features

【High Quality and Environmentally Friendly materials】 High-quality and environmentally-friendly ABS materials can withstand high temperatures and fall. The multiple joints are treated with an electrop

【200% High Pressure and 3 Setting】 Innovative laser drilling process makes the water flow more delicate and soft. It can increase the water pressure by 200% so that a low-pressure environment can still enjoy a high-quality shower experience. Rain, massage, jets - Three shower modes, each mode is a special shower experience. Easily switch modes that suit your mood with the flicker handheld shower rocker switch.

【Stone Beads Filter】The use of super stone beads can remove chlorine, fluorine, chloramine, ammonia smell and sulfur in water. The yellow mineral stone beads can effectively balance the heavy metal content in the water, soften the water quality, and maintain the water's pH balance.Stone beads effectively remove sweat, improve hair loss, dry the scalp, remove itching and dandruff. Enjoy a relaxing spa experience in your own bathroom.

【Easy installation】Idocce hand-held adjustable shower head (excluding hose and holder) adopts G1/2 international standard interface, suitable for most hoses and holder or shower connecting arms, it can be used in the bathroom in a few minutes without plumber and tool.

[After-sales service] Idocce provides 100% satisfaction for after-sales service. If you are not satisfied with our products, please contact us through Amazon.

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