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Shower Head Holder 360 Degree Adjustable Handheld Showerhead Bracket Adjustable Shower Holder, Removable No-Punching Wall Mounted Shower Head Bracket (White)

By tchrules

  20 reviews

Product info:

• Color White

Product features

SUPER EASY TO INSTALL: No tools, no drilling, just stick the film on the contact surface of the glass glaze, mirror, glass, etc., then put the shower bracket on and fix it down

HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: Environmentally friendly ABS + metal spring tube, waterproof and moisture-proof, sturdy and durable, not easy to rust, and can extend the service life

360° ADJUSTABLE ROTATABLE: The top of the shower head can be rotated and adjusted 360°, which is convenient for adjusting the shower head, giving children a chance to enjoy taking a bath

EXCELLENT BEARING CAPACITY: Strong bearing capacity, so you don't have to worry about falling. Safer and more assured to use

TIPS: Keep the wall dry during installation. It is recommended to heat the film with a hair dryer before use, and squeeze the excess air after sticking to the wall. This will make your bracket stronger

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