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Onerbuy High Pressure Ionic Filter Shower Head Water Saving Handheld Spray Showerhead with Energy Ball Filtration for Dry Skin & Hair

By Onerbuy

  22 reviews

Product info:

• Part Number Carambola LLC005
• Model 8541794650
• Color Clear

Product features

Purify water & rejuvenate your dry skin--- filtered shower head with Bio-active Mineral Stone, help remove over 98% of chlorine and other impurities

Deliver high-pressure performance, up to 30% water saving and 200% water speed increasing than typical faucet pressure with steady water flow

Easy installation - connect to any standard hose in Seconds, directly into your shower pipe(20mm) and You're Ready To Go ( Hose & mount base Not Included )

Solid and durable design, gives nice bubbly feeling stream of water with no leak; You can see the rocks tumbling inside of it

Change tap water into clean and soft water, keep balance in your oil glands, leave your hair feeling much softer and your skin less itchy, ideal for psoriasis sufferers

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