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Philips Wired Quiet Gaming Keyboard- Full Size Membrane Keyboard with RGB LED Backlit Chiclet Keys-Ultra-Slim Ergonomic Design with Full-Key Rollover for PC and Computer- Office and Gaming Use


  21 reviews

Product info:

• Part Number PH92

Product features

DYNAMIC LIGHTING FX —. The “island-style Chiclet” keys on the keyboard feature translucent edges that let the full color of this RGB keyboard shine through. Light Up the Game- and your mood.

Quiet. Precise. Membrane Keyboard allows keystrokes to be smooth and whisper-quiet. Easy press buttons register each keystroke without having to press each button with a lot of pressure.

Anti-Aliasing-Philips ultra slim keyboard allows all keys to work simultaneously during intense gaming. Win lock function frees your worry about mistyping when gaming.

Ergonomic Design-Philips compact gaming keyboard can be tilted at an angle, which is perfect for comfy typing and helps reduce hand fatigue during extended periods of typing and gaming. Compact design takes less space than other keyboards. Perfect for home, office and gaming use.

Universal Compatibility— Use this computer keyboard with Windows, Linux and MacOS 10. 3* and higher. No additional software or drivers needed. PC. Chromebooks. MacBook. Even some game consoles. If you got it, you can use it. Just plug, play — and get to work!

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