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Oculus Quest 2 VR PU Leather Face Bracket & Protective Lens Cover, Dust Proof & Anti-Scratch Cover, 2 Packs PU Leather Face Pad Replacements

By Topcovos

  1 reviews

Product info:

• Color Black

Product features

Better VR Field of View: Oculus Quest 2 PU leather foam Face Pad, soft and sweat-proof. It comes with 2 Packs replacement (10mm and 12mm), which can fit more people's face sizes and their field of view. And easy to clean, just wipe off the sweat with a cloth or wet wipes to share with others.

Anti Leakage & Protection: Updated Nose Pad light blocker prevents excess light from entering around the nose,make you could enjoy the VR world from outside. VR Lens Cover is made of high-density sponge, protecting the Oculus Quest 2 glasses from scratches, dirt and dust.

Vents Ports Design: Facial Interface Bracket with unique vents design to ensure ventilation but no light entering you will get a better sense of immersion in the VR experience.

Glasses Frame Groove Design: Fits for people who wear glasses. The wider PU leather groove design can freely enter and keep the spectacle frame from being squeezed for better VR experience.

Packages: Package: 1* facial Interface bracket+ 2* face pad leather + 1* nose pad+ 1* VR lens cover

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