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VR SHINECON Wireless Adapter VR Joystick Gamepad Remote Controller for Android Smartphone PC TV Box 3D Virtual Reality Glasses(Because iOS is a Closed System and Does not Support Games)


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Product info:

• Part Number SC-B01
• Model 4336701557
• Color Controller SC-B01 stand-alone
• Dimensions 0.39 x 5.12 x 1.97 Inches
• Size ONLY D

Product features

1.Note: Thank you for purchasing this product, this product is a portable wireless remote control, used for mobile phone, MID, TB box, smart TV, PC and so can be used as gamepad, VR remote, wireless mouse, music control, E-book page, PPT presentation etc. and support Android. Does not support large games, you need to play small games, please read the manual carefully , scan the QR code on the manual to download game resources.

2. For Android system Phones, this controller could do below remote controlling: 1). Adjusting and muting volume; 2). Playing video or music; 3). As a shutter for selfie or taking photo; 4). E-book flip in iReader such as kindle, nook, ppt; 5). Mouse operation; 6). Fully remote control functions will be available in VR games.

3. Universal Remote control, support for Android system, windows systems & for iCades vr games in iOS system, it could be a mouse pointer for Android system devices. ✅7.Remarks: if you buy this remote for VR headset, then it's just an aid for remote operating mobiles when mobile is in the vr headset and not easy to touch with hands, so we kindly remind respected buyers here that it could control vr videos playing and iCade vr or non-vr games, but could not control non-iCade games.

4.If the phone is not compatible, please contact us in time to apply for a refund. (Please note: the iOS system remote control only supports previous/next, pause/play. Because iOS is a closed system and does not support games. For Android, both modes can work well).

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