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Mattress Comfort 440zF-4/6-2 10-Inch Fully Assembled Orthopedic Back Support Plush Mattress and 8" Box Spring/Foundation Set with Frame, Tomorrow Dream Collection, Beige Color, Full, Size

By Mattress Comfort

  1 reviews

Product info:

• Part Number 440zF-4/6-2
• Model 440zF-4/6-2
• Color Size
• Dimensions 19 x 74 x 54 Inches
• Size Full
• Number Of Items 1

Product features

Will give you a better Night's Rest, 357 verticoil innerspring mattress reduces pressure points to help you fall asleep more quickly

The perfect level of support, the right Top mattress is firm but still has some give for your comfort

Shipped fully assembled and ready to use, open the box and the mattress is ready to use!

Our mattress has the best Quality! they're made in the USA out of premium materials

This mattress is orthopedic, it reduces Back pain by supporting every inch of your spine

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