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QiliKB VitaminC Shower Head Filter with Hose & 3 Balms Handheld High Pressure Ionic Shower Filters with Chlorine Fluoride Removal Hard Water Softener…

By QiliKB

  29 reviews

Product info:

• Model B08HMJVGZV

Product features

COMBO PRACTICALITY:It's not just a filter, also a handheld shower head, and it comes with 3 replacement balms,combo fuctions is so practical.

VITAMIN C BALMS: Our shower head filter accessories are equipped with 3 replacement balms, which could effectively remove sweat odor, improve hair loss, dry scalp, remove itching,dandruff,relieves stress, and improves mood and sleep quality.So the VITAMIN C is a great way to get vitamin C absorbed by your body.

POWERFUL FILTRATION SYSTEM: The Anion Mineral Stones and Infrared Mineral Stones make up double filter system protecting your health, effectively remove chlorine, fluoride and soften hard water, absorbing harmful substances in the water, purifying shower water to make your skin and hair smoother and softer.

UNIVERSAL STANDARD INTERFACE: Easy to install, general size fits any standard size hose. All in one set showerhead includes all accessories you need. No need any tools or a handyman, allows you to install the shower head as easily and freely by yourself

INCLUDES: ionic filtered shower head Adjustable shower arm mount, Silicone Washer,Teflon Tape.

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