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ProOne ProMax Chrome Shower Filter w/ 5 Function Massager Head - Water Filter Cartridge removes Chlorine and Hard Water Minerals - Great for Dry Skin and Hair

By ProOne

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Product info:

• Part Number PM-9000C
• Color Silver

Product features

WANT PURIFIED SHOWER WATER? – Feel the difference in your water with softer hair and skin by using our ProOne ProMax shower filter. Helps remove 200+ harsh contaminants which will truly make a difference in your everyday showering. Replacement filter: PM-RF. Filter lasts up to 6 months with everyday use.

GET MORE FROM YOU SHOWER- Love your shower experience with the choice of 5 functions with a swivel massage head. Made from BPA free ABS plastic to ensure no unnecessary chemicals leaching through to your water. Feel safe knowing your shower water is purified.

EASY TO INSTALL- Made universal to fit 1/2” NPT, ISP, and BSPT thread standards. ProOne ProMax shower filter cartridge comes pre-installed in the system. Install onto existing shower arm with included Teflon tape. Do not over tighten. Cleaning not required to maintain flow rate and filtration.

WHATS INCLUDED- ProOne Shower Systems come with the ProMax filter cartridge and showerhead already installed, Teflon tape, and instruction booklet.

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