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GNEGKLEAN Bathroom Handheld 2M Shower Hose Enema Douche Bidet Cleaning System Kit


  846 reviews

Product info:

• Part Number B07PKB2TYC
• Is Adult Product No
• Size 5 Piece Set

Product features

Includes: 1 x Stainless steel hose ,2 x metal nozzles, 1 x Shower Sprayer Bidet ,1 x Waterproof tape,1 x packaging bog

The Enemas Douche has complete products and accessories that you can attach directly to the shower.

The 9 bead and 1 bead nozzles head is sleek and easy to insert when used.

Shower Enemas: 1/2 Inch BSP (Standard thread size) fitting 99% of shower hoses

Shower Sprayer Bidet Can be used in daily life flush toilet, floor, balcony, watering, kitchen, bathroom, corner, very practical toilet partner. Use as Bidet Attachment, Also Cloth Diaper Sprayer, Cleaning, Rinsing, Toilet

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