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Shower Head Handheld Water Saving High Pressure Shower Head Hand Hold Square Bathroom Accessory Chrome ABS Shower Heads Handshower


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Product features

The installation of the shower head is very simple, and the installation can be easily completed without help.

[Selected high-quality materials] Before making shower heads, after a variety of choices, high-quality materials are selected and carefully processed.

[Beautiful appearance] The appearance is beautiful and generous, not only practical, the shower head is placed in the bathroom, and the decoration of the bathroom is also more exquisite.

[Sturdy and durable] It is made of various processes to make the shower head more durable, waterproof and corrosion-resistant, so that the shower head can fully adapt to the humid environment of the bathroom.

[Easy installation] The installation of the shower head is very simple, you can easily install it without asking for help from your friends.

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