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VR Headset - Virtual Reality gaming - 3D glasses - Compatible with iPhone 11 PRO XR... Samsung galaxy s10 plus, Xiaomi mi 9... Apple & Android phone- Professional VR goggles with button - Heromask PRO

By Heromask

  36 reviews

Product info:

• Part Number HM-PG001
• Model HM-PG001
• Color Heromask PRO

Product features

😎 [HEROMASK PRO] Professional virtual reality headset with comfortable fabric materials and ergonomic grip. Perfect to enjoy VR games, 360º videos and incredible experiences for the whole family.

🔘 [GAMING BUTTON] Built-in mechanical button that allows maximum performance for your favorite games. No need for additional controllers!

⚙️ [INTERPUPILLARY ADJUSTMENT] Triple interpupillary adjustment for high quality vision and the most comfortable fit to the user. You can also use them with your prescription glasses so you do not miss a single detail of the experience.

📔 [GAME GUIDE] Includes our guide with a selection of top games, videos and experiences in VR; as well as helpful tips to find them more easily!

🛠️ [TECHNICAL SUPPORT] → All iPhone's from version 4 are compatible with virtual reality, but some Android smartphones are not. Text our WhatsApp support and we'll check it for you now. Shop with confidence!

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