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Densors Vitamin C Filter Shower Head with Replacement Filters - Chlorine & Flouride Filter - Universal Shower System - Helps Dry Skin & Hair Loss

By Densors

  1,604 reviews

Product features

MINERAL STONE SHOWER HEAD- Welcome home a pure-action shower filter that softens, filters & remineralizes your bath water without having to buy expensive water filters and water softeners. The hard water filter regulates the water’s pH level and provides multi-stage purification that accentuates your bath time benefits. filter showerhead

VITAMIN C FILTER CARTRIDGE- The showerhead comes with a Vitamin C enriched filter cartridge that you can replace easily. The soothing citrus smell invigorates the senses, is relaxing, improves mood and boosts sleep quality aiding reinvigoration and rejuvenation. It comes with 3 refill filter cartridges.

THREE STAGES OF MINERAL BEAD FILTRATION- The showerhead comes with 4 types mineral beads, each with different water treatment and filtration benefits. They remove heavy metals, chlorine, ammonia, rust and other impure sediments that cause hardening of water. Enjoy chemical-free showers with extra skin & hair care benefits.

EASY INSTALLATION & USE- The water softening shower head is easy to install that fits any type of standard shower; including wall-mount showers, dual spray, temperature combos, fixed and hand-held showers. All you need to do is remove your existing shower head and replace it with our product. You can also take the showerhead to accompany your travels.

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