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Shower Head Holder Suction Cup Handheld Showerhead Bracket 360° universal Adjustable Height Rotatable Shower Holder, Bathroom Removable Handheld Wand holder Wall Mounted Suction Bracket (white)

By Akoblyh

  14 reviews

Product info:

• Part Number hszj-bai001
• Color White

Product features

[High-quality material][High-quality material] ABS and flexible materials make it more comfortable to use and have a longer service life. When using, first rotate the turntable to the left and then press it on the wall, and then rotate it to the right to let the suction cup suck the wall tightly.

[Strong adsorption force] The strong adsorption force prevents you from worrying about it falling off, and you can adjust the angle at will according to your requirements

[Easy to install] You need to align the hole under the suction cup of the bracket, then press it on the wall, turn the switch, it will stick to the wall

[Fashionable design] While ensuring the quality of the product, it also has a unique style and exquisite design, which may make your bathroom look new

[Perfect after-sales service] If you have any needs and doubts, please contact us, we are very happy to answer you

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