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New VR Glasses All-in-one Blu-ray Smart Helmet 3D Virtual Reality Glasses 100° Field of View Panoramic VR Compatible with 4-7 inch Smartphones

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Product info:

• Part Number ZRC11
• Number Of Items 1

Product features

Immersive materials: high-quality materials, simple design and complete functions. High-resolution optical resin lenses to obtain immersive 3D views. You can register your personal IMAX at home at any time.

100°VR view: 360-degree immersion can be completed, and a 100-degree wide field of view. High quality and sophisticated technology ensure you get the best experience. Fly over the Alps, watch a movie with a distant friend, experience a global festival, and use the super powers of the game characters-your world is infinitely expanding.

New design: Full-screen visual VR, there is no more black box effect when watching movies, you can only see the picture, no longer like watching a movie in a box. Blue light coated lenses and customized special optical blue light lenses can effectively prevent the influence of blue light, stray light and peripheral halo. Let you use more calmly. Thereby providing a better viewing experience.

Comfortable to wear: This 3D VR headset adopts ABS, adjustable nylon headband and 42mm aspheric optical resin lens, which can be adjusted according to the size of your head, which is helpful for personal wearing. Its weight is 238g, which can ensure long-term use without fatigue.

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