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Mayplus 360° Punch-Free Universal Adjustable Shower Bracket Bathroom Shower Head Holder Nozzle Adjustment Adjusting Bracket Base Mount, for Pets or Children's Shower Head, 5.7'' x 2.36''(White)

By Mayplus

  19 reviews

Product info:

• Part Number AMF5U063LTUS
• Color White
• Dimensions 1.968503935 x 5.511811018 x 2.362204722 Inches

Product features

Removable design: 5.7" x 2.36" size. Suitable for pets or children's shower head, separate children's shower head. The removable shower rod holder allows you to place the shower arm at any desired height for easy operation by repositioning the shower head holder, thereby improving the ability to freely clean children or pets.

Installation Easily: Press it on the wall, and then easily rotate, you can install successfully.No tools, no drills, no harm to the wall surface. Material: ABS + Metal Tube.

Powerful Suction & Relocated: VACUUM ADSORPTION PRINCIPLE: Withstand a maximum weight of 8.5 pounds. (NOTE: You must squeeze out the air forcefully, so that it can firmly stick to the smooth walls!)

360-degree angle adjustment capability: Adjustable design, easy to adjust the angle of the direct nozzle and make a 30-degree angle with the wall. The nozzle holder can be rotated 360 degrees.

Scope of application: This showerhead bracket is compatible with most standard showerheads; suitable for all kinds of smooth walls, marble, metal plates, smooth wood, paint boards, ceramic tiles, smooth glass, etc.

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