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Filtered Shower Head Combo, Includes 15 Stage Shower Filter Head, High Pressure Handheld Spray Showerhead, Hose, Shower Arm Mount Holder, for Hard Well Water Chlorine, Chrome

By Luxau

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Product features

【Economical Combination of Shower Filter & Showerhead Set Combo】 instead of searching for single item separately on Amazon, this Combination(including 5 Setting 4.7" Large Showerhead, 15-Stage Shower Filter, 59" Hose, Shower Arm Mount Holder, Tape) brings everything you need. A good choice for those who may have low local water pressure while want a high-pressure shower spa, or who don't need an expensive whole house water filtration system but still want shower water filtered!

【Use As a Combination, or DIY】 all the components (shower filter, shower head, shower hose, shower arm mount) are independent components with US standard interface, so you can use them as a combination(as installation instruction showing), or DIY(E.g: use the shower head or shower filter alone, or use the shower filter to match your own shower head, etc.).

【Air Pressurization, Water Saving Smart Shower Head】 the innovative Air Injection Technology mixes water flow with air to increase shower pressure significantly, while also save water. No worry for low pressure or hot water exhaust for ever! Enjoy a powerful shower leisurely everyday!

【Replaceable 15-Stage Shower Filter Guarantees Your Health】 the premium 15-stage purification material structure can effectively REMOVE CHLORINE, HEAVY METALS, sediment, harmful impurities; SOFTEN WATER; protects you from skin aging and hair drying. The filter shell is of universal size (10, 12, or 15 stage filter cartridge all matches this filter shell) and reusable, the replacement filter cartridge can be easily found on Amazon.

【EASY TO INSTALL】 No need to call a plumber; no tools required; install in minutes with the step-by-step instruction. It fits any standard shower arm(Interface standard:G1/2,Diameter:2cm/ 0.787 in).

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