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XMYL Virtual Reality Headset with Remote Controller, VR Headset for iOS Android 5.0-7.0 Inches Smartphone, Play Your Best Mobile Games Movies


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Product info:

• Part Number 178-934-621

Product features

ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY: VR virtual reality glasses work perfectly with most smartphone Android and iOs devices. provide you an enjoyable visual 360 degree panoramic videos and photos, watching 3D IMAX movies in your home, boasting HD optimization, 3D VR gaming support and much more.

360 Degree Panoramic Roaming & 120 Degree Field of View: Flying cross the Galatics, running with Africa antelopes, shaking hands with penguins in Antarctic, just do it at anywhere anytime. Tested thousands of times, 120 degree field of view avoids low pixel, which takes you into the picture, brings you a wonderful view experience.

3D RealityHeadset Vision: All you need is positioning you phone, adjusting the angles of viewing, then you will see immersive 3D virtual reality through the lens as watching a 8 meters screen,No Dizzy & Anti-reflection & Radiation Protection & Anti Blue Ray - Environmental protection transparent lens by detailed works brings the 720P & 1080P & 2K display.

Special Attention: buttons are solved as follows: First, we need to push both buttons at the same time. When pushing the button, do not place your finger in front of the VRG sliding plate. Once the finger touches the black part of VRG, the key cannot move because it is blocked by our own finger. Or you can directly pull out the VRG black plate, which is a novel design product, in fact, it is very easy to be moved!

After-sales service: If you have any questions about the received product, please feel free to contact us, we will reply you as soon as possible.

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