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MOGO Travel Black/Yellow for Netflix, Drones, Low-Vision, Augmented Reality (not VR)


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Product info:

• Part Number TRV-02-YL
• Model 4336701916
• Color black/yellow
• Dimensions 2.17 x 8.07 x 3.94 Inches

Product features

Based on patent pending aspherical prismatic oculars, magnifying full smartphone screen x6 times without need of special application. Works with 4.5” to 6” smartphones, any OS and good for applications where most time observable content is in the central area. The side area has vertical lines distortions and color aberrations (see in gallery)

Preserves 100% of screen pixels for each eye and creates pseudo perception of 18” screen from 10” distance. Intended for 2D contents, movies, drones FPV, AR, 360deg applications.

Design is optimized for: travels – folded when not used, regular screen touch access – opened from the bottom, situational awareness – side windows option for peripheral vision and bottom vision

Eyeglasses friendly – worn over small glasses by releasing the side straps before and with special trick keeping the temples of the big glasses outside

Healthy to the eyes: tuned for far vision releasing accommodation for each eye. Eyes convergence to 10” that is in comfort zone. Stimulates eyes Extra Ocular Muscles training

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