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VR Cable Management Retractable Ceiling Pulley System Compatible for HTC Vive/Rift S/Oculus Quest2 VR Accessories


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Product info:

• Part Number CE0101105599_A-1661-1837005011
• Model CE0101105599_A-1661-1837005011
• Color A
• Dimensions 2.755905509 x 4.724409444 x 2.755905509 Inches

Product features

1. The VR cable manager uses silicone, ABS and rubber materials and noise reduction technology to keep silent to the greatest extent and minimize the cable tension during use, which makes it easier for you. Fully immerse in water without causing noise and tripping around the cable.

2. Simple and intelligent design. We have simplified the hook function, from the noiseless integrated design of the top soft ring and the main body of the pulley to the integrated 360° rotation function inside the HMD cable bracket, making it easy to assemble and disassemble, and adapt to different types. The cables secure them without slipping the cables.

3. You can choose glue hook or screw hook, depending on whether you want to fix it permanently and what kind of ceiling you have. The tension of the telescopic cable is moderate, it can extend to about 71 inch long, and then rebound automatically to provide you with a more comfortable VR experience.

4. If you find yourself showcasing virtual reality to friends and family on a regular basis, this will be a particularly useful solution because it means you dont have to spend the entire process holding the cable to prevent tripping or stumble.

5. 6-piece set includes 6 retractable ceiling pulleys, 6 ceiling screw hooks, 8 adhesive hooks, 1 hexagon wrench and 1 ring hook; 3-piece set includes 3 scalable ceiling pulley, 3 ceiling screw hooks, 3 adhesive hooks and 1 hex wrench.

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