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YUYTIN 2021 New Simulator Game Flight Virtual Reality Simulator Other Amusement Park Products 9d vr Cinema Slide


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Product info:

• Part Number 164-328-642

Product features

VR Sliding Grass is a sliding game that allows you to drive through the clouds and see the mountains and rivers.Experiencers can feel the speed of the wind with a VR helmet and experience the scenery of nature. Game content, the platform immediately finds feedback, gives you the most realistic body feeling, effective security protection, and gives you a stable sense of security

360"panoramic viewing angle,immersive9D helmet brings you a full range of dead angles A true enjoyment of a new world

Small footprint, can be placed in only 3 square meters, small investment, fast return on capital, and convenient operat-ion and movement.

Based on a highly free rotating platform, every time you go forward and turn around, you can fully feel the thrill of restoring real space displacement.

The combination of visual and auditory dynamics andgame movies makes the experience more immersive, the xtension of industrial automation technology, and achieves trouble-free products during operation. It covers an area of only 3 square meters, fast experience, efficient return, nd a wonderful experience of just 5-10 minutes is enough to make customers linger.

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