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(6 Packs) Orzero Lanyards and Adhesive Hooks for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift S,Sony Playstation VR Virtual Reality Headset or Other Wired VR Games No More Cable Worries with VR Cable Management

By Orzero

  38 reviews

Product info:

• Part Number C009_X6
• Model 4351565023

Product features

New Design for VR Headset: Perfect Fit for VR Game Fan and Secure Experience.

Adjusted to the pulling force : rebound automatically and easy to stretching.

Small-sized and Light: Easy to be taken anywhere and installed.

Saying goodbye to messy cables: Doesn't interfere with any of the buttons and feel free in games.

Fairly easy to attach any flat surface: Definitely can dampen impacts against other devices or walls.

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