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JJH Handheld Square Shower Head with 4.9-Foot Hose - High Pressure Water, Universal Compatibility, Chrome (Color : Shower Head and Hose)


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Product info:

• Part Number 007008009
• Color Shower Head and Hose
• Number Of Items 1

Product features

High pressure water outlet, works well in places of low pressure water supply. The water output is larger, and the water has a longer range.

The stainless steel hose is well sealed, leak-proof, explosion-proof and rustless.

There are 300 water outlet holes on the stainless steel plate, making the water flow gentle and comfortable.

The inner layer is high temperature resistant, and the surface layer is insulated, so you will not feel any discomfort when holding it.

Made of 5-layer plating ABS, no rust, drop resistance, smash resistance and corrosion resistance.

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