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JiePai Suction Cup Shower Head Holder Adhesive,Chrome Adjustable Handheld Shower Head Holder Bracket,Removable Wall Mount Holder for Bathroom

By JiePai

  2,073 reviews

Product info:

• Part Number YNA004
• Color Adjustable Holder-Chrome

Product features

Main Materail:ABS plastic material,5 layer coating material for shiny chrome finish.Swivel designed so that convenient to adjust the angle of showerhead on Straight and Adjust 20 Degrees From the Wall Slot .Suction cup shower holder can be easily removed in a second & placed at a different location,improves the ability to wash freely your kids or pets.

Easy Install:Drill Free,Before use, clean the wall with a soft cloth. After the wall is dry, press the suction cup firmly on the wall and push the transparent lowering button to the locked position. Leave it for 15 minutes before use to ensure the suction cup is fully sucked.

Strong Suction Shower Head Holder:Maximum load-bearing capacity: 7.5 pounds , when the wall is not smooth or there are debris, the load-bearing capacity is reduced.And Slot Diameter:3/4".Fit most shower head.But if a Big handheld showerhead.Please check the measurement before.

When the wall surface is not smooth or not cleaned, there will be air leakage after installation for a period of time, and it is forbidden to put fragile items such as glass. It is recommended to re-adsorb on the surface of granite every other month, re-adsorb on the surface of smooth tiles, glass, stainless steel every two months, and re-adsorb every 3 months on the surface of 3M adhesive.

Shower Head Holder is suitable for smooth and no concave convex smooth surface such as ceramic tile,glass,smooth wood,smooth metal surface,etc.The others non-smooth surface please use 3M adhesive disc first(provided in package)to overcome them, such as rough wood,emulsioni paint,textured tile, etc.Instructions please view the listing description.

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