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FORTITUDE Premium Silicone VR Face Pad for Oculus Quest 2 – Comfortable Face Cushion – Easy to Install and Clean – for a Better VR Experience – Black, White, Red, Blue (Black)

By Fortitude

  9 reviews

Product info:

• Color Black

Product features

Optimal solution: Enjoy a better VR experience with the oculus quest face cover! Easy to install, practical, and comfortable, our oculus quest 2 silicone face cover is a great solution to prevent light leakage and sweat.

Made to last: Our VR cover oculus quest 2 is made of ultimate quality silicone, a material that stands out due to its resilient yet flexible proprieties. Even with daily use, it will easily pass the test of time.

Generous fit: The quest 2 face cover is soft yet flexible for incredible comfortable touch. It will fit perfectly virtually any type of face, and it will help you get more immersed in the VR game.

Easy to use: This stunning oculus quest 2 silicone cover is easy to replace and install. Just place our uniquely molded silicone cover over the original Oculus Quest 2 Bracket. It will fit the oculus quest 2 perfectly and will provide a perfect VR experience for everyone to share.

For your loved ones: The oculus face pad makes for a lovely Christmas, birthday, or anniversary present for your loved ones. Get this unique silicone pad for any vr enthusiast!

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