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Miniwell Filter Shower Head with Metal Hose L750-W, Shower Water Filter with Triple Filtration replacable cartridge, remove 99% chlorine and water impurifies (Shower Head with Hose)

By miniwell

  125 reviews

Product info:

• Model L750-W
• Dimensions 3.543307083 x 10.629921249 x 4.330708657 Inches

Product features

FILTRATION MEDIA GETS THE CERTIFICATES OF FDA, CE AND PASSED THE TESTING BY SGS: The absorption rate of carbon fiber is 5 times of the traditional carbon, which enables the filter to remove 99% of chlorine . The harmful heavy metals such as copper, lead, mercury and others plate out onto the medium's surface, thus being effectively removed from the water supply, balance out your PH levels.

LONG HOSE WITH ADJUSTABLE SHOWER MOUNT - 5.0 ft ultra flexible stainless steel hose with 360 degree brass rotating ends. Perfect for reaching those hard to reach areas or cleaning the bath tub

HIGH WATER PRESSURE BY 200% & SAVES UP TO 30% WATER – Using LUV current-limiting technology, this filtered shower head has 118 tiny laser-cut cone-shaped water holes, which forces water through the holes on the head surface, resulting in luxurious high pressure water while still looking after the environment by saving water.

DOUBLE-DIRECTION INSTALLATION OF FILTER CARTRIDGE - The unique recycle design enables to install the filter cartridge from two different directions (Positive and negative), when the clogging situation occurs or the water pressure becomes smaller, the existing cartridge can be installed upside down, so it can restore its function and extends the lifetime. This shower head can not adjust the water pressure.

ATTENTION: When installation, please pay attention whether there is a black washer into the two ends of shower hose or not, because it will lead to the leakage if missing these washers. Please use the spare washer in the manual pack if needed.

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