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Pump&fix 45 Degree Adjustable Handheld Shower Head Holder Suction Wall Mount


  452 reviews

Product info:

• Color off white
• Dimensions 2.9527559025 x 4.8425196801 x 2.755905509 Inches
• Size 5.00HX2.83WX2.95D

Product features

ALWAYS GET STRONG SUCTION; The pressure difference by up and down movement of the button gets the air out inside of the suction cup and it makes suction stronger. As you press more times typically until you don't see the red line, it's always possible to get maximum suction power, 18lb.

ADJUSTABLE SWIVEL DESIGN; It could be adjusted and stopped with tension at any angle, which is from the wall down to 45 degrees by tilting down.

REINFORCING INDICATOR FOR LONG LASTING; The suction cup button has a red line indicator to let you know when to repump it to maintain strong suction for long-lasting.

UNIVERSAL FIT; The upper holder hole's diameter is 24mm, which fits all handheld shower head holder hose that follows an international standard. It can hold up to MAX 18 lb load on the non-porous surface such as woods, tiles, glass, mirror, PVC board, Acrylic board, antique bricks metal, etc.

CURVED SURFACE; It can be attached to the non-porous curved surface that has a radius of more than 400 mm.

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