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Lour Virtual Reality VR Box 3D Glasses VR Headset VR Goggles for Mobile Video Games Watch 3D Movies 360° Videos Compatible with Android Universal Phone

By Lour

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Product features

★ The bridge of the nose is chamfered, so it won't tingle for a long time. Breathable panel can breathe, and the front disassembly removable design heat dissipation space, so that the heat dissipation inside the mobile phone and the cabin quickly

★ Build with care and strive for the ultimate in function and experience. Lightweight body, three-dimensional / immersive, precision components, more adaptations, myopia adjustment. IMAX giant screen, full landscape movie, immersive game, blue lens

★ Bring 3D glasses and experience the ups and downs of the plot with the effect of the theater curtain, shocking blockbuster, full of sense of substitution. Gears accurately adjust the interpupillary distance and design the interpupillary distance for different people to avoid vertigo easily and effectively

★ Applicable to all smart models of all brands of 3.5-6 inches on the market, and the larger the screen, the higher the resolution, the better the 3D effect and the more enjoyable experience

★ 1080P high-definition picture quality, 40mm large-diameter silver film adopts nano coating, laser cutting and grinding to form a clear image, and has the functions of radiation and ultraviolet protection.

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