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Switch Game Pro controller remote control handle for Nintendo Switch Bluetooth Game controller with wake-up handle

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Product info:

• Color black
• Dimensions 4.25196 x 6.25983 x 2.3622 Inches
• Size 165*74*117mm

Product features

[Gamepad PC / Nintendo Controller] This gamepad is equipped with a 3.2-foot-long (approximately 1 meter) type-C data cable, compatible with Nintendo switch/lite game consoles, compatible with win7/8/10, And Android 6.0 or above

[Dual vibrator] Built-in asymmetric somatosensory vibration motor, multi-frequency and multi-amplitude vibration, you can experience different vibration effects according to the game scene;

[Turbo button] Press [TURBO+function button] to set the one-key burst function. Pressing and holding the function key is equivalent to pressing N times in succession to achieve continuous shots, making the game a better experience

[Connect and use] 1. Use Bluetooth to connect to Nintendo switch game console, connect and play, 2. Connect a 3.2-foot (about 1 meter) USB cable to the win computer, connect it to the computer, plug and play;

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