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(3in1) Filter,Atomization,Pressure Shower head.Unique Spiral,Dense,Slender Spout

By ELO Creativity

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Product features

1.Atomization function: the water can be atomized to the extreme and then sprayed out, so that you can enjoy the extreme bath like in the tropical rain forest.

2.Supercharging function: powerful supercharging effect, solve any water pressure problem, spray spiral, very dense, very slender water column, let you enjoy the best bathing experience.

3.Filtering function: built in PP cotton filter, it made of non-toxic and tasteless polyester fiber particles, can effectively filter 99.9% impurities in tap water.

4.Non punching bracket: the matching non punching bracket is free. You only need to tear off the covering film and paste it on the wall.

5.Lightness and no burden: subverting tradition, using high polymer composite material, weighing only 200g, no burden in hand, nickel plated surface design, durable.

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