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AMVR VR Cable Management/Ceiling Suspension Pulley System for Oculus Quest 2 / Rift/HTC Vive/Vive Pro Virtual Reality/PS VR/Microsoft MR/Samsung Odyssey VR Accessories


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Product info:

• Part Number CMS01

Product features

Playing VR Games without wire worries:Won't be tangled in a cable in a middle of the game. With the cable being out of the way, you can have more enjoyable play time. They keep cables off the ground which make it easier to bend down and get up without the cable getting stuck under your feet.

360 degree Retractable Tackle:The 360 degree retractable design can be adjusted with the weight of the cable management system and rebound automatically.

High Quality VR Cable Management System:This kit is a very high quality kit coming with everything you need to get your cable to hang and to stay out of your way while using your VR headset. Wall stick is high level standard with great adhesion, with extra wall sticks, you can hang your VR devices and other accessories in your room.

VR Retractable Cable Management System : 6 Packs Virtual Reality Wire Cord Management for HTC Vive/HTC Vive Pro/Oculus Rift/Playstation VR/Microsoft MR/Samsung Odyssey VR

EASY TO USE:Just add some tape to a few of the pulley's connection points with the cord.

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