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18 Stage Shower Filter, Vitamin C, Filtered Water for your Shower Head - Hard Water Softener - Removes Chlorine and harmful substances - Fits Most Showerheads (2021 Filter)

By Select Filters

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Product features

18 STAGE FILTER - Packed with Vitamin C, Ion-Transferring Resin, Activated Carbon, Calcium Sulfite, and KDF 55 making the perfect mix for a better shower experience.

EASY "NO TOOL" INSTALLATION KIT - Have filtered water in minutes. The UNIVERSAL connections work with all shower types (fixed and handheld showerhead). A simple yet better home improvement.

FEEL THE DIFFERENCE IN YOUR SKIN AND HAIR -The High Output showerhead filter quickly filters harsh chemicals that can damage your soft skin and hair.

PURIFY YOUR WATER - Select shower filters do remove CHLORINE, and HEAVY METALS (mercury, nickel, chromium, iron, lead). It also helps to maintain an ODORLESS shower for your bathroom.

SMOOTH, CLEAN WATER - This unique blend of KDF 55, calcium sulfite, activated carbon, maifan stone balls, and 4 kinds of ceramic ball purifiers ensures excellent filtration in any water temperature. With this inline hard water softener, you will see the decrease and removal of hard water spots.

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