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Maxzzz 3 Inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper, High Density Copper Memory Foam Topper, Removable Soft Cover, 2 Side Use, Full Size

By Maxzzz

  400 reviews

Product info:

• Color White-orange 3 Inch
• Dimensions 3 x 74 x 54 Inches
• Size Full

Product features

🌜【2 Side Use】 Our revolutionary perforated memory foam topper is designed to optimize air flow and reduce trapped body heat. Our 2-side use memory foam topper suits all kinds of users by allowing you to choose different firmness. High density foam provides excellent MOTION ISOLATION for you.

🌜【Pressure Relief】 Our Maxzzz memory foam topper is designed with high-density memory foam, which aligns your spine, helps relieve common pressure points. Enjoy our breathable, ventilated design that for a more restful sleep.

🌜 【 Highly Breathable】 Our perforated memory foam with its ventilated design helps control effectively your body temperature throughout all night. Our unique breathable mesh design helps distributes body heat, ensures our memory foam topper to be highly breathable.

🌜 【With Removable Washable Cover】 Unlike other toppers, ours comes with a machine washable cover, easier to clean. No need to change topper every year, helps you to save money.4 adjustable elastic bands to keep the topper secured to the mattress, no need to re-adjust it constantly.

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