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Rain Shower heads system including rain fall shower head and handheld shower head with height adjustable holder , solid brass rail 60 inch long stainless steel shower hose (brushed nickel)


  317 reviews

Product info:

• Model BSB2510-02
• Color Brushed Nickel

Product features

Brushed Nickel Rainfall 9 inch shower head angle adjustable and height adjustable handheld three spray setting ,Use rain shower head and multi-function handheld shower spa at home

30 minutes installation with your current in-wall plumbing , drilling free option available, no need to break out tiles;

Solid brass rail engineering ABS plastic shower heads, sturdy construction built to last

High standard brushed nickel finishing surface never rust, easy to clean and maintain

Durable and flexible stainless steel shower hose with anti twist connection, handheld shower head perfectly stays at place as you want. 1.8 gallons per minute

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