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XMYL VR Headset with Built-in Headphones, Virtual Reality Headset VR Glasses for 4.7-6.2 Inch iOS Android Smartphones, VR Goggles for 3D VR Movies Video Games


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Product info:

• Part Number 178-927-621

Product features

IMAX theater panoramic surround sound: Compatible with 4 to 6 inches of Android or mobile IOS phones, 50mm large diaphragm headphone unit with a separate sound card, can Accurately restore the sound position and movement track, high aspheric lens can Achieve IMAX movie effect.

110 ° high aspherical lens 110 ° field of view, optimized optical design, and halo stray light Eliminate Effectively, lighter to carry, larger field of view, clear.

wireless headphone intelligent vibration analysis: wireless headphones, intelligently analyze vibration audio response / game mode phone for free hanging, cinema mode, multiple vocal ways to change at will connect automatically.

Adjustable support view to wear glasses: also supports glasses hyperopia myopia 400 to 200 can be adjusted.

intercept function surround sound: after activating the interception of ambient sound, the microphone will automatically turn on when there is sound around, and the important message not forget to seeing the immersive movie

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