Best innerspring mattress

Consider one among these top innerspring mattress for your home

Choosing a best mattress to buy is as difficult because we are not only using it for a few days, but we have to stick with it for years. There are many things to be considered while talking about a mattress that is most suitable with your family.

However, in this article, you will have brief information of innerspring mattress, list of best innerspring mattresses and why it is highly recommended.

A. Innerspring mattress overview

1. What is an innerspring mattress?

Name of an innerspring mattress basically is taken from the metal support coils that make the core of the bed. Just like a pair of jeans, an innerspring mattress will never go out of style.

It was first designed in the 1880s that took inspiration by the shock – absorbing seat cushions made for horse – drawn carriages. Until 1930, it became a popular mattress which was used virally until today.

Most innerspring mattresses usually include layers that were made with other materials such as the memory foam or latex to enhance durability as well as its performance.

2. What is inside an innerspring mattress?

The first part of an innerspring mattress is the coil which contributes a lot in how the mattress feels, how long it is going to last and how much it costs. 

These are four main coils as below:

Bonnell: It has another name as “open” coils which is considered as the most basic and oldest coil of the innerspring mattress. It has a shape as an hourglass and normally wired together in order to form a continuous unit. Although it can enhance the durability of the mattress but the users may find it really hard to control and unstable.

Offset coils: Draw an analogy as Bonnell coils, Offset coils’ shape is like an hourglass. However, the bottom of the coil is offset when it compresses to make a small of a hinging effect. With that contribution, it creates more comfort to your body’s curves.

Continuous coils: It was based on the design of offset coils but with an innovation several rows of singular wires molded into shape as a circle. This coil can prolong the lifespan of an innerspring mattress but will reduce the comfort of your bed as well.

Pocketed coils: Pocketed coils are separately covered in fabric which can move independently and contour your body much better than open coils. Because the oil is not attached to each other so that they provide an excellent motion isolation.

This factor is going to make your night more comfortable while not feeling any turning and tossing of your partner. Pocketed coils are considered as the highest model of coils ever since.

Secondly, what is on top of the coils? Normally it is the combination of foam, padding or sometimes more coils. 

When assessing an innerspring mattress, you have to consider about the layer of the bed:

Comfort layer: This layer was made in order to provide cushioning and relieve pressure. It is mostly made from memory foam, latex and some other foam.

Cooling materials: Because foams tend to capture body’s temperature, some mattress has to be added cooling technology in order to provide more comfort.

Comfort coils: Some innerspring mattresses use “coil – on – coil” technique that was added a second set of pocketed coils on top of the steel coil base. The thicker bottom coils provide a durable and stable support while the thinner one will enhance comfort as well as alleviate motion transfer.

Pillow top: There two typical types which are euro – style and standard.

Cover: All of these layers and components were wrapped in an outer cover. The mattress cover should be made of materials that are soft, breathable and also moisture – wicking for an optimal sleep.

Thirdly, the lumbar support is perfectly located just above your hips. It is very essential because it will align the natural curvature of your spines. Without it, you may sink onto your mattress; pull your spines out of alignment which causes backache.

Finally, the edge support will provide more comfort and safety to every inch of your bed at every position. Moreover, it also prevents sagging and enhances durability.

3. What benefits of an innerspring mattress?

While it was designed in the 1880s which is almost two centuries ago, this type of mattress has become familiar to us.

Innerspring mattress is the solution for those who are always struggling with “sleep hot” because with the newest innovation of this mattress, it will directly capture your body’s temperature to ensure you have a nice sleep.

Whether you are a back, stomach or side sleepers, you will find your way to find the relaxation of this innerspring mattress. There is a low motion transfer of this bed that makes every movement of you or your partner will be minimized.

In addition, an innerspring mattress will offer a great bang for your buck as a good mattress can last over a decade.

4. What type of sleepers are suitable with how firm of innerspring mattresses?

If you are side sleepers, you may need a softer, or may be plusher to relieve pressure points that appeared because of your shoulders and hips.

If you are back sleepers, a medium firm mattress is the best option to maintain comfort in a long period. But actually, a back sleeper tends to be very compatible in a wide range of firmness. To add more comfy, lumbar support will help your hips for not sinking too deep.

Last but not least, for those who are stomach sleepers, it is considered as the least healthy position. However, an innerspring mattress with firm or extra firm level is very helpful to align your spines as well as prevent your hips from sinking.

5. Famous brands of best innerspring mattress

At the moment, there are some favorable brands of best innerspring mattress that can be mentioned as follows:

  • Modway
  • Olee Sleep
  • QTQZ

B. List of top best innerspring mattress

Let’s have a look at the top 4 best innerspring mattresses and give a choice for yourself.

1. Modway Jenna 8 inch Narrow Twin Innerspring Mattress – Top Quality Quilted Pillow Top – Individually Encased Pocket Coils – 10 years Warranty

Please enjoy rejuvenated sleep with this Modway Jenna Innerspring Mattress

Modway Jenna 8 inch Narrow Twin Innerspring Mattress

1.1. Pros and cons of a Modway Jenna Innerspring Mattress


  • Reduce pressure points
  • Limit bounce and absorb motion disturbance
  • Fire resistant polyester barrier
  • East to set up
  • Not too soft, not too firm
  • Affordable price
  • No sagging


  • The box is heavy
  • Not suitable with those who are heavy weight

1.2. Design of a Modway Jenna Innerspring Mattress

Jenna innerspring mattress contains 5 layers. The bottom part is individually wrapped coils then the felt liner is right on it. The egg crate foam, a responsive foam and then a quilted polyester tight – top cover. However, you may find it a bit heavy to carry so that you will need support from your partner to deliver it into your room.

This one of top innerspring mattresses can help you to sleep soundly as reducing pressure on your hips, backs, shoulders and necks with the contouring ability of individually wrapped pocket coil mattresses.

Moreover, this innerspring mattress will isolate motion which limits bounce as well as absorbs motion disturbance among partners. This will reduce the tossing and turning feeling in order to maximize comfort to your sleep by preventing all unwanted disturbance.

Especially, Jenna mattress is made with a fire resistant polyester barrier that reached flammability standards with 10 years against manufacturer defects.

2. Olee Sleep 9 inch Skyline Tight Top Innerspring Hybrid Mattress, Gel Memory Foam, Mattress in a Box, CertiPUR – US Certified – Full

The top innerspring mattress is made by cool I – gel memory foam which will enhance body conforming comfort while regulating temperature to make your body always in perfect temperature.

Olee Sleep 9 inch Skyline Tight Top Innerspring Hybrid Mattress

2.1. Benefits of buying a Olee Sleep Skyline Tight Top Innerspring Hybrid Mattress


  • Reduce body heat
  • Better air circulation
  • Reduce pressure points
  • Certified for content, emission and durability
  • Easy to deliver and set up
  • Affordable price
  • Soft
  • Well – made


  • Not too smooth

2.2. How does a Olee Sleep Skyline Tight Top Innerspring Hybrid Mattress satisfy you?

The fiber – quilted cover will give you more comfort as well as enhance the appearance in your bedroom. Moreover, gel foam with innersprings provides better air circulation that will alleviate the temperature of your body, maintaining a cool night during the summer.

The top plush layer will play an important role in reducing pressure points and helping you prevent any sinking or sagging feeling. The contribution of heavy steel coils with a memory foam cushion layer has made an exceptional support and durability.

There are 4 particular steps of using instruction this innerspring mattress

  • Firstly, lay down the box and remove the bagged mattress out. 
  • Roll out the compressed mattress on the surface where you are going to install. 
  • Next, carefully cut the plastic bag along the edge of the mattress. 
  • Finally, wait about 2 days for it to expand fully.

This top innerspring mattress has been certified by the CertiPUR – US for content, appearance, emission and durability.

3. WELLSVILLE 14 inch Memory Foam Latex and Innerspring Premium Hybrid Mattress, Twin XL – Plush and Extra Plush – CertiPUR – US Certified

Wellsville will ensure the mattress quality in every inch of the bed therefore this probably is a flawless and best innerspring mattress that is suitable to every home.

WELLSVILLE 14 inch Memory Foam Latex and Innerspring Premium Hybrid Mattress

3.1. Why should I choose a WELLSVILLE Memory Foam Latex and Innerspring Premium Hybrid Mattress?


  • Reduce high temperature comes from your body
  • Luxury appearance
  • Perfectly balance bounce and firm level
  • Easy to deliver and set up
  • Really comfortable with responsive and springy softness
  • Customized spinal alignment
  • Alleviate pains and aches
  • There is no odor
  • More fashionable and luxurious


  • Very expensive

3.2. Design of a WELLSVILLE Memory Foam Latex and Innerspring Premium Hybrid Mattress

This innerspring mattress is made by 3 main layers. 

The 6.3 inch gauge foam encased pocket coils independently respond to quickly conform to body weight and position. Moreover, it is trapped between 2 - 6.3 inch – layer of high – density base foam.

 In the middle, there is a 2 – inch plush gel memory foam that was added in order to capture then dissipate heat that comes out from your body. Next is 1.5 inch ultra – plush gel memory foam layer that brings springy, premium feel to your sleep. 

The top layer is a 2 – inch ventilated latex that was specially designed to enhance breathability as well as help air flow more sufficiently.

In addition, the latex continuously responds to your movements, molding to your individual sleeping comfort and then bouncing back as you are changing your positions.

The memory foam in this innerspring mattress has been certified by the CertiPUR – US for safety of materials used, physical performance and environmental stewardship.

Wellsville will guarantee you with no prohibited phthalates, no ozone depletes, no CFCs, no mercury, no lead or heavy metals, no formaldehyde, no PBDEs and low emission (VOCs) for indoor air quality.

4. Latex Hybrid Coil Spring Mattress, Extra Thick Pocket Innerspring Mattress Firm but Comfortable Hotel Queen King Sleeping Mattress Sleeping Mat – White

“Our primary goal is to offer you the most amazing products at the best price for the ultimate customer experience.”

Latex Hybrid Coil Spring Mattress

4.1. Why should I choose a QTQZ Latex Hybrid Coil Spring Mattress?


  • Relieve pressure points
  • Dissipate and capture heat from your body
  • Reduce motion transfer
  • Breathable
  • Long – lasting
  • Adaptive to your body’s size, shape and weight
  • Easy to set up


  • Quite expensive

4.2. How good is a Latex Hybrid Coil Spring Mattress?

Latex innerspring mattress is designed with independently encased tempered steel coils and memory foam for more support which will capture the body’s temperature then dissipate it in order to maintain a cool night.

It is also very helpful in alleviating pains especially with those who are having back problems.

Come with a deluxe mattress cover, this mattress was 100% made from knitting fabric to enhance breathability as well as the mattress’s lifespan.

The contribution of individually wrapped coils that work independently with the intention of providing localized bounce in numerous zones. It is very adaptive to your body’s size, shape, weight and temperature as well to bring you the most comfortable feeling during the night.

This innerspring mattress will be efficiently compressed by their patented technology. It will require at least 72 hours to fully expand and dissipate all the smell.

Hope you you will have all fundamental information and evaluation before deciding to buy a best innerspring mattress. Just pick one among those top innerspring mattresses and enjoy your own heaven.

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